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So far from the ordinary, so close to the essential

Opening in May 2025

Our values

We are committed to embracing the guiding principle that links Authenticity, Quality, Sharing and Loyalty, bearing in mind Antoine de Saint Exupéry's words:

Ultimately, there is only one true luxury, and that is human relationships

Domaine Le Mouflon d'Or

The hotel


The establishment has been fully redesigned in a “casual-chic” spirit, starting in the reception area where lovely mineral accents underline the brilliance of the light-coloured marble, perfectly illuminated by the majestic crystal chandeliers. Here and there, mirrors play with perspective...
Antiques, salvaged materials and luxurious fabrics are the hallmarks of the main house, reflecting the essence of Corsica's heritage.

The beauty of yesteryear and modernity coexist in a perfectly mastered symbiosis of antique and “made-to-measure” furniture. Eras blend harmoniously, creating a warm and stylish finish. 
Unostentatious luxury with the soul of the place back in its original place.